Capri Cavanni vs. Kianna Dior


DT-1539HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 506 MB


Capri Cavanni is topless and stretching in the DT ring when Kianna Dior sneaks up behind her and starts taking embarrassing photos. Eventually, Capri notices and tries to cover up, but her small hands can barely cover her large breasts. Kianna laughs hysterically, runs around the ring and continues to snap candid shots of the increasingly pissed off Capri. When she finally gets to her feet, she rushes at Kianna and they lock up in a test of strength. Kianna puts Capri back on the mat and sits on Capri’s pretty face with her round Asian ass. Capri gulps for air, but all she gets is a mouthful of Kianna’s tasty ass. Kianna continues to laugh as Capri slowly loses consciousness. When she is totally out, Kianna gets up and explains that Capri is “trashy for letting the world see her naked” and that she “will never be exposed to the world like that.” Capri does come out of her deep sleep and she is looking for blood. She takes Kianna’s back for a standing rear naked choke that puts Kianna out. Capri has an evil smile as she undresses Kianna and takes topless photos of her unconscious body.  When Kianna wakes up, she is mortified and furious and the fight continues. This topless catfight is tons of fun and features two beautiful and buxom young fighters.