Kit Mercer vs. Madi Laine


DT-1545HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 257 MB

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Kit Mercer and Madi Laine are in the ring today and both of them seem to have their hearts set on winning this fight. Kit is a classic blonde beauty with big tits and a small pink bikini. Madi is a caramel skinned exotic looking Asian with an amazing body. They circle each other for a while in order to talk shit and weigh each other. They lock up in a test of strength, but quickly release as they feel how evenly they are matched. Kit knocks Madi to the floor and straddles her with that perfectly round booty. Madi bucks and the two catball for a little bit, which ends in Kit attempting an unsuccessful leg lock. Both women get back to their feet and Kit rips Madi’s top off. Madi returns the favor and we are blessed with a view of some of the best tits on the DT roster. It is at this point that Kit begins to take the advantage. Her aggression allows her to take Madi’s back, lock in both hooks, and apply a rear naked choke. Madi manages to escape, but it’s obvious that this match is Kit’s to lose. Will Kit be able to ride this momentum out to yet another win, or will Madi overcome her slow start for an upset? Trust me, this isn’t a video you’ll want to miss.