Christy Love vs. Milana Ricci


DT-1548HD/ Time: 34 Minutes / 826 MB

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Milana Ricci is relaxing on the couch wearing a pink spaghetti strap and a tiny pair of ripped jean shorts. Christy Love storms into the room yelling about how Milana “better sign the divorce papers.” Apparently, Christy is dating Milana’s ex husband and needs Milana to sign the documents so that they can move on with their life. Christy is actually wearing the exact same outfit as Milana. Christy proves to be much stronger than Milana. She manhandles her eastern european victim with ease. Christy throws Milana to the floor and proceeds to squeeze and choke Milana within an inch of passing out. Milana begs for help, but no one is coming to save her. Christy forces Milana to sign the papers and even makes her call the ex husband to apologize. Milana is now ready to do just about anything to get away from Christy. Christy takes full advantage of this. She puts Milana on the couch and sits on her like a piece of furniture. The video ends with Christy forcing Milana to worship the legs of the woman who now owns the man in question. This really stings for Milana and proves to be the last straw for Christy, who finishes Milana by putting her to sleep and stuffing the divorce papers in her gaping mouth. Your sure to enjoy this feisty catfight.