Misty Stone vs. Tylene Buck

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1606HD/Time: 25 Minutes / 606 MB

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Misty Stone and Tylene Buck are facing off today. Misty is wearing a silver one piece, panty hose, and wrestling boots, while Tylene is wearing a skimpy one piece with a big hole cut out right around the crotch region. Misty is annoyed that Tylene is dressed like a slut and isn’t representing the DT ring with honor. She yells expletives at Tylene and then challenges her to an arm wrestling contest. The ladies get down on their stomachs and put their arms out to arm wrestle. They grunt and squint as they pull and push at each other. The best 2 out of 3 goes the distance and in the last bout, Tylene sucker punches Misty and steals the win. Misty nurses her fat lip while Tylene takes advantage of her stunned opponent. She grabs Misty by her one piece and peels it off of her chocolate body. When Misty finally comes to, she realizes that she is wearing nothing but panty hose and boots. She flies into a rage and rushes Tylene, putting her in a tight rear naked choke. Tylene is left slumped over on all fours. Misty pulls Tylene’s tits out and removes the one piece as she spanks Tylene’s butt and shows off her naked crotch. The rest of this video goes something like this: Misty Stone verbally and physically attacks Tylene and then shows off Tylene’s private parts for the camera to take in. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then don’t miss this video.