London Rivers vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Domination Match

DT-1607HD/Time: 25 Minutes / 590 MB

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We start with a naked London Rivers as she foot chokes her victim, Christina Carter who fights till she goes limp but is soon coming back, only to find she is now over the luscious blonde’s knee. Over the knee and again getting choked but as the choke gets in deep so does London’s hand get deep into Chris’s naked pussy. — pain and pleasure so close. A groggy Christina is revived by a wet tongue in her navel, deep it goes as naked Christina enjoys this sensuous pleasure but her pleasure is short lived as a standing choke awaits. Yes, you see a pattern here, chokes and sensuous stimulation, chokes from all angles and all positions and stimulation with hand and mouth on Christina’s pussy. Christina doesn’t know whether to smile or scream so she does both – from pain to pleasure and sometimes both. Two big naked beauties that are bouncing their big boobies all around the ring, one in total control and the other being totally controlled. Christina is ready for this to be over but London has some big dom plans to end this, poor Christina – I think she would much rather have the choking than what she is getting. Big and naked — we love to watch them — get ready the big girls are taking over !!!!!!