Ariel X vs. Serene Siren

Nude Apartment Catfight

35 Minutes – 802 MB – High Definition


Ariel X and Serene Siren – this is a continuation of 1608 where the 1st lady and the 1st daughter are in a savage fight and I do mean SAVAGE, and of course spurred on by the man that they both worship. He wants this fight and what he wants, he gets – they go crazy on each other, when last we left they had already bloodied the hell out of each other and now they’re taking to another room where they can finish the war. They come in topless and worn form the battle they have already had but soon they get a second wind and now they are wilder than ever – I do mean wild, these are like two savage beasts trying to do everything they can to destroy their enemy. For over 35 minutes they slug bodies and faces, scratch the entire body even eyes, rip into pussies till they almost pass out, roll across the bed and floor and there is still so much more. How do they keep going, is it the love of that man, is it the worship of that man but on they go, past endurance, past pain, past blood and bruises and you get to see it all. Daddy and husband wants a winner and only a winner but winning will cost a lot – so get ready but be warned – this is extra violent and extra bloody !!!!!!