Kimora Quin vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Dominance Match

DT-1621HD/Time: 28 Minutes / 660 MB

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Kimora Quin is one gorgeous lady, a tall Asian who really stands out and this beauty has a grudge to settle with Skylar Rene. While Kimora is big girl, Skylar is not only big but muscular and skilled, Kimora knows this and she has a plan that will disable the tough beauty. Wow this plan worked and Skylar seems disabled but is she? The muscular one is in control and she is angry, how dare this young upstart try to trick her — there is a lesson to be learned and Skylar is the perfect teacher. Kimora doesn’t know what hit her, she thinks she has Skylar in a matchbook but soon finds those strong legs wrapped around her neck squeezing so hard her sweet face turns red. Now comes the lesson Kimora will never forget, from hold to hold Skylar goes and all are wrapped in pain: bow and arrow using Kimora’s hair to add to the pain, suspended back breaker with Skylar’s feet in the small of Kimora’s back, sustained choke, dog walk, backwards over the top rope, suspended over the top robes in the corner, smother with breast and gut slapping over top rope and this isn’t even half way through — yes so many, many more and all showing off Kimora’s amazing figure – such a gorgeous lady. Skylar seems to get a second wind when she takes Kim’s top off – more extreme stretches, chokes and body mauling. This is one Kimora will never forget, this is one Skylar will never forget — this is one you will never forget !!!!!!