Miranda vs. Kimora

Topless Catfight Match (1 girl topless/ 1 girl bikini)

28 Min – 660 MB – Standard Download


Miranda is wearing a bright yellow bikini while she rubs oil on her tight body. She explains that Kimora Quin has been trying to steal her man so she challenges her to a wrestling match. Kimora agrees but requires that the match be best of three falls with ten count pins. Miranda doesn’t even flinch. Kimora is wearing a black bikini and rubbing big handfuls of baby oil on her caramel skin. These Asian beauties are top notch, you will be hard pressed to find any video with prettier girls. The bell rings and when the women face off it becomes quite clear that Kimora’s height might be a problem for Miranda as she stands almost a foot taller. Kimora uses her long legs to catch Miranda in a body scissors that Miranda struggles to escape from. Once Miranda is worn down, Kimora sinks in a reverse headlock until Miranda passes out and her tongue hangs from her mouth. Kimora takes her time to place Miranda’s motionless body in a very embarrassing position before starting the ten count. The 2nd round begins and Miranda uses a surprise attack to take control and remove Kimora’s top. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Miranda’s top removed, but we do get one hell of a great catfight.


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