Dee vs. Serene

Topless Boxing Match

19 Min – 466 MB – Standard Download


Boxing, how we love it, seeing two gorgeous blondes battling is a true delight. Dee Williams sees Serene Siren warming up in the back room and sneaks up behind her, wrapping her arms around that sweet body and sensuously rubbing, getting through that robe to those sweet breasts. Serene gets angry, so angry she wants to fight right away so it’s off to the ring we go. So eager they almost start with their robes on but luckily they disrobe, revealing those luscious topless bodies. Let’s bang ladies and bang they do, luckily we have two cameras working so we catch every brutal blow. Serene may be letting her anger get the best of her as her swings are wild and Dee’s aren’t, yes Dee gets in some hard shots to that beautiful face knocking the sweet blonde down a few times, then she works over that tight gut and poor Serene is left to grab and hold Dee tight but Dee doesn’t mind rubbing her huge breasts into Serene. Serene makes an amazing come back, or at lest for a bit and we have quite a match – now those big tits are doing some real swaying as Dee gets smacked around. The corner action is intense from both babes and when that second camera moves to the outside of the ring it catches some fabulous action in the corners. Both ladies find themselves crawling on the mat and in life or death bearhugs to allay body shattering blows but the blows come so hard – so gut shattering hard that twice a boxer spits up some white foam that is… well you’ll have to decide that for yourself. Sexy blonde bombers blasting away till one can blast no more !!!!!


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