Christina vs. Alexia

Topless Domination Match

40 Min – 979 MB – Standard Download


Christina Carter so loves to dominate the little ones, especially when they are Asian, so you can imagine how excited she got when she heard about the gorgeous petite Asian beauty Alexia Anders. Christina drags that poor babe out of the dressing room and we have a breast challenge. This just isn’t fair as Christina’s chest is huge and while Alexia has spectacular natural breasts they are no match for the big guns – chest to chest their beautiful breasts are compressed causing wonderful cleavage, over and over we get this sexy view until Christina takes Alexia to the wall where she can put all her weight into breast compression – back and forth, in and out, smashing in every possible way. Then the buxom one takes her victim to the couch where she can use every part of her voluptuous body to squish poor Alexia, her butt smashes breasts and tummy, her whole body drops on the petit one, front and back. Then to the floor she sends the slim brunette where she folds her like a match book and crushes her head. Alexia is so ready for this to be over so Christina says if you worship by big breasts enough this will end, so Alexia sucks, rubs, licks, kneads, strokes but to no avail, Christina takes her to the bedroom where she really gets to the squishing demolition, oh that bouncing is so squishtonising — Alexia looks so beautiful, even defeat doesn’t diminish her beauty and Christina seems to glow in victory !!!!!!


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