Kimora Quin vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT-1670HD/Time: 38 Minutes / 900 MB

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Time for another one – you want em we got em: squish, squash, smash smatches, only this time it’s no little Asian babe, no this is Kimora Quin and while she may be Asian she is no little girl, no this woman is a tall statuesque beauty and she is ready to rumble – that’s right she wants to show she is a big dog at DT, so when we tell her how Christina Carter squishes petit Asians and happens to be in the back room. Well this is too much for Kimora and she goes to get Christina who is in the changing room. Kimora goes face to face with a topless Christina and soon they are back in the living room ready to rumble. While Kimora is taller Christina challenges her with her major weapons; her large breasts – soon they are breast to breast and smashing that sweet chest flesh, Christina has the advantage with her huge tits but Kimora tries to pierce with her jutting nipples. On and on they ram and squish even going to the wall where the larger Christina takes over as she uses the wall to help compress poor Kimora till she falls to the floor. Christina has just started her fun, she drags the tall one to the couch where again she can drop her massive chest on her victim. Christina uses every part of her body to compress our Asian beauty, her ass, her back and then she uses her holds like a matchbook, head vise, chokes and so much more till Kimora agrees to worship her lucious breasts with kisses and licking. You think we’re done – not by a long shot, we still have all the fun in the bedroom. Great domination squish – so good it’s not a match but a smatch !!!!!!