Romi vs. Olivia

Nude Ring Catfight Wrestling Match

22 Min –  Standard Download

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Romi Rain and Olivia Austin – wow, we haven’t seen these in so long and they are sooo sexy but we were so lucky to find this one that had been hidden away for a few years. Romi does her sultry posing topless in her provocative lingerie but it’s Olivia who takes the initiative as she pulls Romi’s face into her bosom for a smother and a bit later has the brunette on the ground where she uses a wedgie to make Romi’s fabulous ass do one hell of a dance – those cheeks bounce, roll and mesmerize. But it’s Romi who later has the best wedgie butt show as she rides Olivia’s back and uses her mouth to pull that tiny bikini bottom deep into Olivia’s crack while using her hands to squeeze those Lucious cheeks – you gotta see this one. Butts are a great focus in this match, my favorite when they go butt to butt and smack away. Of course breasts and pussies are also worked on and eventually they get those bottoms off so they can really rub and slap pussies. Over the ropes they hang each other, getting great access to hanging breasts, jutting asses and vulnerable pussies. These ladies love going wild on each other and you will love watching their wild ways !!!!!!


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