Serene vs. Cassie

Topless Domination Match

29 Min –  Standard Download

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Serene Siren is blackmailing Cassie Del Isla with some naughty pictures of Cassie sleeping with a married man. Serene explains to Cassie that all she has to do is survive for twenty minutes with out tapping and Serene won’t share the picture with the world. Cassie laughs at such an easy challenge, but before she can finish her cackle, Serene drives a vicious soccer kick into Cassie’s crotch. Cassie crumbles to the mat, gasping for air. Serene takes full advantage of this opportunity and delivers countless knees and stomps to Cassie. Serene’s knee high black boots leave their mark all over Cassie’s beautiful and tanned body. Serene removes Cassies top, revealing one of the most perfect pairs of tits to ever grace the DT ring. Serene knees Cassie in the crotch so many times that she nearly tires herself out. Cassie recognizes her window and jumps on Serene, throwing her into the turnbuckle. Cassie then drops to her knees in front of Serene and bites her pretty blonde crotch. Serene screams bloody murder before dropping like a sack of potatoes. Cassie then school girl pins Serene, but she puts her pretty caramel crotch a little too close to Serene’s mouth. Serene opens wide and chomps down hard on Cassie’s soft pelvic mound. This match gets dirty fast. You are guaranteed to have a good time watching it.


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