Tylene vs. Serene

Topless Ring Catfight Match

20 Min – 540 MB – High Definition


 Tylene Buck is facing off against Serene Siren, making this one of the hottest blonde on blonde videos in the DT catalogue. Tylene shows Serene some of her veteran tricks and throws her over the top rope as she spanks Serene’s tight booty. Serene screams as she bucks out of the ropes. She wheels around and grabs Tylene by the ass, yanking violently on Tylene’s blue thong for a painful wedgie. The bikini tops are ripped off almost immediately and both ladies have perfectly round and perky tits. Tylene and Serene grab each other by the sides of their thongs and compete in a mutual wedgie. This ends with Serene collapsing to the mat like the hottest sack of potatoes you’ve ever seen. These two were made for each other. They bring out the best and worst in one another. They are both mouthy hot blondes. Their dirty jokes and insults never stop, even when you can barely hear them because one of them is sitting on the other one’s face. This is a riot of a match between two of the most fun and prettiest blondes you’re ever gonna’ see.


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