Nicole vs. Skylar

Topless Ring Wrestling Match

2o Min – 486 MB – High Definition

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The gorgeous Nicole Aria in her skimpy red bikini tells how she has been working on her muscles and is ready for this fight with the muscular Skylar Rene.  Skylar just scoffs as she shows off her muscles along with her distain for this wimpy newbie.  They start with a long test of strength where both babes strain as we get a good look at their beautiful bountiful butts a flexing, finally Nicole sends a low blow that drops her foe.  Nicole now wraps her shapely legs around Sky’s waist but even in pain Skylar finds Nicole’s now bare breasts and squeezes till she has to let go allowing Skylar to climb on top and secure a stretching grapevine, then bends down and drops her now exposed breasts on Nicole’s pretty face and if that smothering isn’t enough she puts her robust ass on that face, but Nicole uses her nible legs to pull the big beauty off – and we aren’t even five minutes in.  A great back and forth match with each beauty taking her control until one gains total control and makes her foe pay a high price for defeat with some humiliation before multiple choke outs.  Great beauties equal great fun !!!!!!


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