Match 1 -Do you know Abigail Mac? If the answer is no then you are in for a real treat and if the answer is yes then you know how hot this beauty is. Of course you all know how hot Francesca Le is as she is the wrestler with the most and I do mean most as she has done more matches than any other wrestler at DT, so when she meets Abby the sparks fly, and these are sexual sparks. No wrestling here, these two have to decide who is the queen of the lesbian strip club and the only way to do this is with a deep kissing contest, not all kissing some sexy rubbing and dancing and great tit kneading but mostly they are locked up kissing as their beautiful breasts are smashed together. Every now and them we need a break from wrestling and the best way to take that break is by watching two topless beauties deep kissing – and loving it !!!!!

Match 2 -Idelsy Love and Layla Sin circle each other, talking shit about how much hotter they are than the other. After a couple minutes they drop their robes to reveal that both of them are wearing nothing but a pink thong. The gorgeous brunettes do look similar in their matching underwear and flawless bodies. They decide to settle the matter with a number of small matches. First is a test of strength, then a belly match, followed by a bear hug and tit fight. When they begin the pussy fight it gets a little crazy. The girls take their bright pink thongs off and begin to rub, bump, and grind their nude crotches together. This leads to a wonderfully sexual scissoring scene that takes up nearly half of the match. Make love, not war… or do both at the same time.

Match 3 -WOW, you have never seen Skylar Rene like this, she is standing tall silhouetted by the outside light, high heels making the tall maiden even taller and dressed in a tight fishnet body stocking with her riding crop in hand – a truly magnificent sight. In walks a meek Tara Morgan with her hair up and in glasses, she meekly addresses the mistress Skylar to tell her her husband would not be coming in because they could not afford the visits and that her husband has family responsibilities. This does not go over well with Mistress Skylar and she proceeds to take it out on the meek housewife… not just a beating but she strips her naked and proceeds to use her whip on that cute little ass – not satisfied she puts the petite one is all kinds of holds, displaying her nakedness to embarrass her; head and body scissors that has Tara on both her back and belly. But something very strange happens, something so strange it has the tall Skylar laying across the couch with her perfect ass exposed and even a few smacks with the crop… wow what a turn around – and turn on !!!!!


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