Match 1 – Layla Sinn and Vanessa Veracruz are ravishing Latinas. They have perky tits and tight asses. Before fighting, they come up with the incredible idea of rubbing baby oil on each other. As Layla rubs the slick oil into Vanessa’s brown legs, she tells her to bend over. Vanessa happily complies. She shows off her perfect ass and pussy as Layla rubs oil into the soft skin. As friendly as they may seem, Vanessa surprise attacks her opponent. Vanessa puts Layla into a full nelson. These Aztec bunnies fight the entire match completely nude. Their perfect bodies slide against each other as they bear hug. When their skin begins to dry they apply a new coat of baby oil to each other. When the loser is finally pinned and forced to say uncle, we are left with the perfect shot of the bare cheeks of both girls as the winner straddles the loser. You will never see anything as hot as this again!

Match 2 – Charlie and Jewell Marceau are posing topless next to each other in the DT wrestling ring. The newbie, Charlie, keeps standing in front of the veteran Jewell. Jewell can’t believe the gall of the young model. She grabs the clueless slut by her thong and begins to rip it upward. Jewell alternates between intense wedgies and breast mauling. Don’t worry, Charlie will get her revenge. Eventually, the tables will turn multiple times. Both women will end up nude, and the victims of some intense frontal wedgies. Even once the clothing that they once used for wedgies is all gone, they continue to use their hands to scratch and claw at one another’s crotch’s. After the fighting is done, we find that the girl’s plump breasts and asses are the stars of this match. They put their clothes back on. Struggle to climb to their feet and continue with the photo shoot.

Match 3 – Beat her, beat her hard and beat her nude – yes beat her as only Diana Knight can. We all know Francesca Le is a tough girl, she has been taking beating for years now, but the first gut slug Diana delivers tells us we are into new territory, it lays Fran out and when she gets up she is never the same, course it doesn’t help that Diana continues the onslaught, more devastating belly busters. The brunette even puts her victim up on the ropes so she can get better leverage on her blows, oh and now that crotch is in the perfect position for some blows, it’s gut bombs and pussy destruction. All Franny can do is try to crawl away but even that becomes a trail of pain. Are those clothes in the way, I think they are… Diana wants better access at that sweet crotch – beautiful Fran is stripped, all but her boots. Now the real beating begins, she hoists her naked prey high and drops Fran on her knee, then she digs those boots where no boot should ever go. Back on the ropes for more of the same, then to the mat… poor Franny can hardly move but that doesn’t stop the evil one!!!!!


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