Erika vs. Serene

Nude Apartment Catfight Match

20 Min – 484 MB – High Definition


Serene Siren and Erika Jordan are two of the top fighters at DT. They are relaxing at the DT headquarters, having a couple cocktails and laughing about how easy it is for them to destroy all of the new hires. Erika is quick to point out that she has an easier time than Serene does and has beaten up more new girls than anyone. Serene is flabbergasted and immediately challenges Erika to a nude catfight in the DT bedroom. The ladies rush into the bedroom and undress, showing off their extremely tight bodies and big perky tits. They jump on the bed and Serene takes Erika’s back. She flips Erika over and as she is choking her, she grinds her bare crotch into Erika’s naked groin. The women scissor as Serene continues to violently choke the pretty brunette out. Erika bumps Serene off of her and proceeds to mount her in a grapevine. As Erika sits on the slippery blonde, she leans forward and they sensually make out. Their pretty, full lips, wet with each other’s saliva alternate between screaming for help and moaning in pleasure. If you want to see a video where two beautiful women get all sweaty from both fighting and tribbing, then you have to watch this video (there is also, a bonus fight at the end where both girls rematch for a topless fight in tight blue jeans!)


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