Serene vs. Ariel

Nude Wedgie Match

21 Minutes – Standard Download


Serene Siren is a topless hot blonde in white thigh high stockings, red panties, and high heels. She is posing for the camera with pouting lips when Ariel X barges in the ring and interrupts the photo shoot. Ariel says that if we want a real photo shoot, then we should be filming her. She stands in front of a startled Serene and starts posing for the confused camera man. Ariel is wearing black panties and stockings with her perky breasts on full display. This is finally too much for Serene to swallow, she grabs Ariel, which prompts Ms. X to challenge the sweet blonde to a best of five match where they can only submit to wedgies, crotch attacks, or breast attacks. Also, there is no winner unless the loser is completely nude. Serene agrees and Ariel immediately grabs her by the garter belt, giving her a mean front wedgie. Ariel then bends Serene over the top rope and makes her pop that round ass out towards the camera as she jerks Serene’s bright red thong up towards the sky. This sends Serene over the edge. Shewedgies are for women turns bright red and bucks Ariel off of her. She rips Ariel’s stockings off and then returns the favor of countless wedgies. This match features two smokin’ hot nude fighters attacking each other’s crotches for almost the whole video.


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