Celeste vs. Cali

Topless Apartment Fist Blows Catfight Match

24 Min – 5591 MB – High Definition


We have so wanted to see these two together: Celeste Star and Cali Logan and how befitting it would be over a guy.  Both ladies run into each other at the office as they wait for the same man, they are not at all happy to meet, the insults come ablazin’ followed by fists that also come ablazin’.  These are two really tough ladies so when they hit it does some shaken, gut blows shake those sweet breasts and it looks like Cali’s breasts are a bit bigger, maybe it’s just me but they sure do a lot more shaken.  So do Celeste’s as she is the first to get her top ripped down and gut blows are followed by some breast blows to really set that chest flesh a rockin’.  But it’s the head shots that really set this match apart, wow, these are some head snapping blows delivered by each babe – my favorites are the toe to toe battles where each takes her turn with head cracking punches.  They also get down on the carpet with some great face sitting where they can really do some breast destruction focusing on those perky nipples.  From the carpet to the couch, then against the wall – always with savage blows and breast attacks.  Both ladies give and take with furry but only one will walk out, but who…. We love both of them because they are so cute and so tough, so get ready for one hell of a – BLAZIN’ BLOWS BATTLE !!!!!!


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