Erika vs. Christina

Topless Apartment Catfight Match

26 Min – 644 MB – High Definition

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They came to watch a fight, because they love to fight.  Erika Jordan and Christina Carter both came to watch a classic fight on TV between Hollywood and Tanya.  They are both incognito in dark glasses and hoodies and both are sent to a private screening room, once there they both reveal their identities and realize both have been major fighting stars and both are rooting for different girls in this boxing bout.  As they talk about who is the best battler, they take off their hoodies exposing their beautiful breasts and just can’t help but ramming them together till the fight escalates and both take off their skirts to continue to battle till they hear the TV fight start, they stop long enough to hear the introduction of both fighters as they sit and talk about who they like and why.  As the TV fight starts they can’t help but continue their battle, they roll on the floor, then stand up and trade hard hits to the face as they still try to watch the fight on TV.  Back and forth we go from watching and cheering to battling, from chocks to TV blows, from breast gouging to TV knockdowns.  So much energy both in their viewing and their fighting, one classic fight leads to another.  We have all have gotten too involved in a television show but fighting may be taking it too far – but too far is just what we have always loved about these two fabulous ladies !!!!!!


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