Barbie vs. Cassie 

Nude Ring Catfight Match

20 Min – 483 MB – High Definition

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Barbie Feels and Cassie Del Isla have been wrestling each other for a few weeks now and Barbie can’t stand how rough Cassie is in the ring. Finally, after a particularly violent video, a fully nude Barbie tells the equally nude Cassie how she really feels. Cassie can’t help but laugh in Barbie’s face as she tells her that the real problem is that Barbie goes “too soft.” Taken aback, Barbie challenges Cassie to a real fight right then and there. Cassie gladly accepts and they quickly crawl their tight young bodies into the DT wrestling ring. There is a lot of shit talking and breast mauling in this video as both women do their best to hurt the pride of their rival. At one point, the ladies reach out and grab each other by the neck and refuse to let go. This seems to be some kind of test of choking competition and the only reason one of them lets go is because Barbie bites Cassie like a feral animal. This is a fully nude catfight featuring two absolute beauties, one brunette and one blonde. Do yourself a favor and watch it.


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