London River vs. Cassie Del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Fantasy Match

DT-1681HD/Time: 19 Minutes / 469 MB

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Send in the clones – don’t bother they’re here, that’s right the clones are ready to do battle and the nice thing about clones is: there are so many of them so every time they get destroyed there are many more to take their place. London River and Cassie Del Isla are the beautiful topless clones, they are constantly in search of the enemy but this enemy is elusive and continuously hits them with devastating electronic rays that have them gyrating in agony till they are sprawled out on the floor – first one then the other till their fabulous bodies finally go still but not to worry because there seems to be an infinite supply of these gorgeous clones. In the ring they crawl, then rise in search of their foe only to be downed by that deadly ray. In each room they search but again the ray finds them and those sexy figures are whirled about by the thrust of this devastating ray, their bodies are left sprawled spread eagled face up but sometimes face down showing off their amazing asses. What a delight, an endless supply of gorgeous women !!!!!!