Christina vs. Mia

Topless Domination Apartment Match

25 Minutes – Standard Download

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So much fun seeing our babes from a few years back, look at Christina Carter topless sitting on the couch such a young hottie – and to think she was beating up small Asians even back then. She tells us how she has been fooling around with Mia Li’s man, how she loves taking a man away, but Mia shows up to get her revenge and this is exactly what Christina wants — oh boy a new toy to play with and play she does. First she torments her with her words, then she goes after her body: those tits are too small, let me show you, a tight bear hug and slug have Mia on the ground where Christina pulls her hair as she dog walks her around the living room, then to my favorite hold as Chris puts Mia on the couch with her legs wrapped around that sweet Asian face as she pulls Mia’s legs together stretching them way back revealing that sweet ass – the camera goes over top as Christina spanks that tight brown ass. It goes on and on like this as our topless beauty puts her toy in so many destructive holds – squeezing, pulling, stretching till Mia pleads to stop and Christina makes her strip and worship her feet. So much fun watching these wild women as their younger selves !!!!!!


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