Kimora vs. Skylar

Bikini Cat Fight Match

25 Minutes – Standard Download

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Skylar Rene is a very patriotic super heroine. She is wearing a gold crown and a red, white, and blue bikini. Her mission today is to infiltrate the secret lair of a supervillain and one by one take out the cloned security guards until she can get to and defeat the mastermind behind the whole operation. Skylar sneaks through the base and methodically takes out each henchwoman. These cloned underlings all look just like Kimora Quin, a tall, leggy, caramel skinned Asian. They are all wearing tiny black leather bikinis that Skylar loves to caress and pull off. After almost a half dozen of the super villain’s security guards have been taken out, we find Kimora in her wrestling ring and feeling very secure in her evil lair. Skylar sneaks up behind Ms. Quin and puts her in a full nelson. Kimora is flabbergasted, she cannot believe anyone could infiltrate her headquarters. Skylar is loving every minute of this, she bends and squeezes Kimora’s long beautiful limbs in every possible directions. Skylar is a master at inflicting massive amounts of pain and discomfort. She grabs Kimora by the hair and walks her around the ring like a dog, her perfectly perky tits jiggling the whole way. If you are in the mood for a one sided super heroine match featuring two perfect sculptures of the female body, then this is a video you need to see.


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