Lindsay vs Kimora

Topless Catfight Match

20 Min – 501 MB – High Definition

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Kimora Quin has quickly made herself a staple in the DT wrestling ring. She uses her long legs and tight body to out maneuver most of her foes. Today she is excited to be facing off against a new girl, Lindsay Bare. Lindsay isn’t quite as tall as Kimora but she has thick, powerful thighs and ass. Maybe Lindsay should be scared, but she definitely isn’t. She laughs in Kimora’s face and the match quickly start. Kimora stomps on Lindsay’s bare feet and then throws her to the mat. Before pouncing on the rookie, Kimora removes her top, showing off those glorious, perky little tits. Kimora lands on Lindsay like a cat and immediately rips Lindsay’s pretty blue bikini top off. She then proceeds to maul Lindsay’s pierced nipples, but it isn’t very long before Lindsay puts those strong glutes to work. She bucks Kimora off of her and grabs Kimora’s long tan legs and bends them up over her own pretty face. If you are in the mood to watch two young hotties with great bodies as they punch and squeeze each other, then you need to check out this video.


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