Randy vs Lora

Topless Ring Wrestling Match

20 Min – 587 MB – High Definition

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For her size, no one is stronger than Lora Cross, she is a mix of muscle and energy, making her so much fun to watch.  And talk about fun to watch, Randy Moore is more than fun to watch she is breathtaking, so getting these two in the ring together we knew we had a winner.  Randy is also wily as she sneaks a full nelson on the little hard body, then chokes her out but never count  Lora out, soon she is up and fighting, more than fighting she shows Randy how strong she is, not just a bear hug but a suffocating off the ground hug.  Not to be out done Randy picks Lora up and slings her over her back as she chokes her out, a thing of beauty.  But soon the petit strong girl is choking that amazing body – I think you get it, this is a great back and forth match where both of these beauties show off their wrestling talent and toughness. Breast smothers, corner punches, face sits, match books, leg scissors, back breakers and sooooo much more.  These are two gorgeous ladies that are eager to show off their wrestling prowess — ENJOY !!!!!!


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