Serene vs Celeste

Topless Ring Fantasy Match

20 Min – 482 MB – High Definition


Here comes that sexy Jungle Girl (Serene Siren) in her oh so sexy outfit – she sniffs as she cannot speak having been raised in the jungle by apes.  She was lured here by the evil poacher (Celeste Star), who now approaches the sexy Jungle Girl, taunting her until she can throw a bear hug on this sexy wild one then throw her down but now we have our first; WHAT IF? – that’s right throughout this video there are WHAT IFS, where we rewind and see what could have happened and mostly it’s just new ways this mean Poacher can destroy our sexy Jungle Girl.  Poacher even takes out her breasts to smother the wild thing, and she does so love playing with those wild breasts and really falls in love with that young bulbous butt, she strokes it and does a tie to show off this perfect behind. Poor Jungle Girl doesn’t know what’s going on, and that last tie up is so sexy.  She’s gorgeous and wild – just the way we like em !!!!!!


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