Jesse vs Cassie

Nude Apartment Match

20 Min – 492 MB – High Definition

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Cassie Del Isla and Jesse Pony can’t stand each other. The video starts and they are already facing off and talking trash to one another. Cassie towers over Jesse and makes fun of how much smaller the young blonde fighter is. Today they are competing in a breast fight to see who has the best and toughest tits. The first round only allows the girls to use their hands to attacks each other’s boobs. Cassie and Jesse can’t wait to get this fight started, they rip their tiny tank tops off and warm up their perky tits. The women grab one another by the breasts and start pushing and pulling each other around the living room. Cassie uses her height to drop Jesse to the carpet and put her in a headlock with one hand while the other hand mauls Jesse’s tits. The next round features a nipple pinching competitions. Jesse and Cassie pinch one another’s pretty pink nipples as hard as they can and see who gives in first. The third round allows the women to bite as well as use their hands. So if you have been looking for a video with some nude, tight bodied young ladies who pinch, maul, and bite each other’s breasts, then you have found the perfect match.


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