Goldie vs Dee 

Topless Apartment Breast Match

26 Min – 641 MB – High Definition

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Goldie Blair and Dee Williams are bringing some of biggest tits in the DT universe to today’s match. They meet in the DT common space wearing sexy office attire. Goldie admits that she lost the last match, but that she is dying for another swing at the powerful Dee Williams. Dee agrees that she loves fighting Goldie because she is so damn tough. They decide to skip the foreplay and get right down to fighting topless. Goldie and Dee strip down to nothing but black thongs and high heels and grab each other by the neck. They interlock their fingers in a test of strength and then slam their giant breasts together. Goldie releases her grip and starts dropping heavy right hooks to Dee’s left tit. Dee stumbles backwards and falls into the couch. Goldie gets down on her knees and bites Dee’s big pink nipples. Can Goldie possibly upset the dominant Dee? If you are in the mood to see these two gorgeous mature ladies use their big knockers as weapons of mass destruction, then you will love this cat fight video!


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