Celeste vs Cali

Competitive Ring Catfight Match

21 Min – 488 MB – High Definition


These two entertain – so popular because they entertain, not only sexy but they give it their all, and that’s a lot.  Celeste Star and Cali Logan, yes two super stars in the ring are nose to nose getting ready for a competitive catfight.  Some spicy dialogue gears them up and they tear off their tops – back off ladies, not yet ready as first we have an arm wrestling contest where both ladies lie down and as they lock arms and strain their beautiful behinds flex with each pull – finally we have a winner and the ladies are up and grappling.  Such a treat watching these two pros compress their bodies together as they roll across the ring, each sets a compromising position – from breast smother to scissors, then arm bars and a few contorted positions I have no name for – and chokes, oh do they have the chokes.  Both are so skilled they roll from one hold to the other always throwing in great catfight moves, with hair pulling and breast destruction.  Their beautiful bodies are almost glued together as we are treated to this rolling extravaganza and their is a special sexual penalty for the loser which we can all enjoy.  The best of both worlds – wrestling and catfighting and with two of the very very best — these two are soooo, well  —  THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!


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