Cassie vs. Serene

Topless/Nude, Fist Fight & Catfight Match

20 Minutes – Standard Download

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Oh boy, when these two go to the center and get breast to breast, their nipples jut out as they tell each other the destruction that’s in store – and we know what we’re in store for: ONE HELL OF A SHOW! But first we get each amazing body exhibited as they flex their firm muscular bodies from opposing corners – first, Cassie Del Isla shows off her tan sleek physique, then not to be out done the blonde ivory skinned Serene Siren displays her amazing body. The fight begins, this is an I quit or can’t get up at the count of ten fight – fists mostly but these two also add their sexuality. Each beauty takes her turn with smashing blows to both head and gut, blows that throw them into the ropes where fists can sink into rock hard abs and to add some insult breasts get mauled until a low blow turns the tables. We are treated to head snapping blows then tummy pounding fists, and add in pussy and breast assaults till each lady is staggered. One gets stripped of all but her boots and in the end both are naked except for the boots and it’s a glorious sight to behold. Fist fight with some great cat fight tactics added in – with two of the very best possible babes makes this a must have video !!!!!!


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