Kit vs. Sarah

Topless Apt. Bear Hug Match

20 Minutes – Standard Download

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We have missed Kit Mercer, that hot spunky blonde is always ready for a tussle so when she meets up with Sarah Brooke we know there’s going to be action. Both babes are topless and Sarah wants to compare biceps, so they both flex showing off their muscular arms – but there is only one real way to decide who is the strongest — a bear hug contest. As usual the aggressive Sarah gets started, she attacks Kit applying a tight hug and Kit reciprocates – the battle is on. These strong babes lift and lean each other around as their groans signify the loss of air, tighter and tighter – we get that great above shot looking down on their sexy smashed boobs, and when Kit temporarily releases and pulls back the breasts pop out of their squeeze but soon she is back in the battle. Sarah throws her foe on the couch but when they lock up again Kit gets the favored inside arm position and now it’s her turn to add the most pressure and ends up throwing Sarah on the couch. Back and forth the this hugging battle rages, even up against the wall they crash and smash, we are gifted with an amazing underneath shot of their compressed chests that is entrancing. I had no idea one hold could be so entertaining but with the right girls – a bear hug battle is HUGSTRAORDINARY !!!!!!


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