Lana vs. Ariel

Topless Cat Fight Match

20 Minutes – Standard Download

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Lana Violet starts the match in a bright red bikini that barely fits her adorable little Asian body. Ariel is now a blonde and she is definitely having more fun. She wears a giant smile and a matching yellow bikini and headband. Ariel flexes her massive biceps for the camera. The women march toward the center of the ring, but before the bell can ring, Lana pulls a spray bottle out from behind her back. She squirts Ariel right in the eyes, blinding the powerful specimen before the fight can even start. Lana belly laughs as she jumps on Ariel, removing her top and dropping multiple hammer fists on Ariel’s wincing face. Ariel takes a lot of abuse, but she weathers the storm and begins to regain sight in one of her eyes. This is very bad news for Lana as Ariel starts to make it back to her feet and puts Lana in a standing full nelson before launching her violently into the turnbuckle. Lana’s dirty trick was smart and almost worked, but as the match wears on, more and more Ariel regains the upper hand until Lana is a broken pile of worthless human lying on the mat with her tits out. This cat fight is lots of fun!


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