Kimora Quin vs. Hollywood

Ring Dominance (Kimora-Topless, Hollywood-Bikini)

22 Min – 536 MB – High Definition

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Kimora Quin is a ditzy young girl who thinks she can wander into the DT ring and take on a legend like Hollywood. Kimora is a smoking hot nubile with a long slender frame and perky tits. She giggles for the camera in her tiny pink school girl uniform. Kimora admits that she is a “little nervous” about facing Hollywood, one of the most dominant and decorated fighters in female wrestling history. Hollywood is stretching in the opposite corner wearing a black bikini and wrestling boots. She takes one look at the oblivious bimbo standing across from her and chuckles. Hollywood stomps to the center of the ring and challenges Kimora to a test of strength. Hollywood grips hard and nearly breaks Kimora’s frail hands. The pain buckles Kimora’s knees, bringing her perfect ass right into the camera; that microscopic school girl skirt doesn’t cover any of Kimora’s amazing butt. This match is over nearly as quickly as it starts. Hollywood puts Kimora in a camel clutch and forces her to kiss her dirty black wrestling boots. Kimora doesn’t do much more than whine and complain about how “cruel” Hollywood is. Hollywood puts Kimora in an armbar and simultaneously slaps Kimora’s bare tits with her free hand. This is a beautifully one sided match between one of the biggest legends in the biz and one of the hottest pieces of ass in the industry.


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