Miranda vs. Celeste Star

Bikini Ring Catfight

21 Min – 497 MB – High Definition

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Miranda is a new girl here at DT, but she has made quite the splash. She is pretty and a darn good fighter. She has knocked out a few girls and her ego has blown up. When she finds out that she will be fighting Celeste Star, she says, “never heard of her.” The camera man explains that Celeste was once a champion, but that she simply took a few years off. Miranda scoffs and proclaims that Celeste must be getting rusty. That was a stupid thing to say because Celeste enters the ring just as Miranda starts insulting her. Celeste has a big grin on her face as the women meet in the center of the ring. Miranda challenges Celeste to a test of strength, but as Miranda puts her hands in the air, Celeste rips Miranda’s defenseless ribs with a tight left hook. Miranda crumbles to the mat and Celeste jumps on top of her heaving torso. Celeste is obsessed with punching Miranda in her flat stomach and then laughing as Miranda struggles to breathe. Celeste is one sadistic young lady; she has Miranda defeated and tells the whimpering loser to crawl out of the ring, but just before Miranda reaches freedom, Celeste surprise attacks her and continues to slug and torture the skinny Asian upstart. Get ready for one hell of a mean bikini catfight.


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