Goldie Blair vs. Dee Williams

Topless Wrestling/Catfight

55 Min – 1.34 GB – High Definition

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Dee Williams and Goldie Blair have a long history of violence against each other. Recently Dee has been running her mouth about Goldie and Ms. Blair definitely cannot stand for that. The two ladies meet in the DT waiting room and boy are these two a great match for each other. Both women are blonde and blessed with some massive breasts. They barely get a chance to insult one another before their tops are ripped off and they are fighting with their big tits flying everywhere. Wearing nothing but tiny jean shorts and high heels, Dee and Goldie cat ball until Dee schoolgirl pins Goldie and unleashes a barrage of haymakers to Goldie’s monstrous jugs. Dee is ecstatic with getting the first fall against Goldie. She takes her time to flex the front double bicep for the camera with a delirious Goldie underneath her. The second round starts and Goldie spears Dee into the wall. Dee falls to the carpet and Goldie delivers gut punch after gut punch to a startled Dee. This is an epic battle between two tough fighters. The fight goes into championship rounds with neither woman giving in even after countless falls. You are sure to enjoy this battle between two busty beauties!


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