Serene Siren vs. Lora Cross

Topless Wrestling/Gut Punching

24 Min – 582 MB – High Definition

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A CLASSIC – yes this is a true classic, one of the best wrestling and punching videos I have seen in a long time and for a lot of reasons – first are the girls, Lora Cross one of the best new additions to DT in a long time, she is small but amazingly strong and a very accomplished wrestler – she is pitted against one or our most popular ladies; Serene Siren.  Both these babes are beautiful and love to wrestle, two tight bodied blondes and boy did they come to fight.  They don’t just throw each other around the ring, they throw bombs at their guts, such hard hits delivered by both and then they throw in a few kicks to boot, yes we have great hits but also fabulous wrestling, Lora shows how much she knows with some really slick holds and strong — Lora picks Serene up and dangles her over her shoulders in a killer back breaker.  Not to be out done Serene corners Lora and batters her with fists and feet and then a head shaking choke as we watch from a low beautiful angle, yes the camera work in this one is stellar – you really feel the blows, the pain and the pathos.  So if you are only buying one wrestling video this year, trust me –  THIS SHOULD BE THE ONE !!!!!!!


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