Cassie Del Isla vs. Kimora Quin

Specialty Ring Match – Kimora Nude/Cassie Bodysuit

19 Min – 479 MB – High Definition

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Kimora Quin is dressed up in a black leather bikini, jacket, fingerless gloves, and sunglasses. She is looking exceptionally sexy today and is feeling very confident about her match against Cassie Del Isla. However, Cassie¬† is a dominant opponent who actually sent her last opponent to the hospital. It seems that Cassie has some special powers: when she plants a kiss on her foe she immediately knocks them out. While Kimora is showing off for the camera, we can see a seductive Cassie sneaking into the ring behind her. Ms. Quin hears something and turns around only to have Cassie lay a fat kiss right on her lips. Kimora instantly passes out, allowing Cassie to plant tiny kisses all over her beautiful slender body. When Kimora wakes up, she is under Cassie’s sensual spell. Cassie makes Kimora dance around the ring for her with a flick of her wrist as she alternates between hitting and pleasuring Kimora. This spell ends with Cassie stripping Kimora completely nude and putting a dog collar and leash on her, completing the transformation of Kimora into a devoted pet. This seductive video is sure to make you all hot and bothered.


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