Kianna Dior vs. Dee Williams

Topless Office Titfight

20 Min – 486 MB – High Definition

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Kianna Dior is a business woman who works in a very professional office building. She is relaxing in the lunch room when her enemy from her last job walks in as a brand new hire. Dee Williams, a buxom hottie with a blonde bob, lets out a loud gasp when she sees Kianna. Ms. Dior is wearing a tight black skirt and a white button down that literally can’t be buttoned because Kianna’s tits are so massive. Kianna’s large cleavage is on full display when she suddenly turns to see the woman she hates most in this world. They argue for a minute about who should leave the job first and who was the root problem at their last place of employment, but this gets them nowhere. Then the boss walks in and explains that one of them will have to be let go and they will have to figure out who really wants to keep the job. The boss leaves and the women get physical, they take their tops off and as they are arguing about who has the better breasts they begin to push their tits together and eventually a full blown tit fight breaks out. If you want to see these topless, big breasted hotties smash their boobs together in the middle of their workplace, then you need to see this steamy video.


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