Erika Jordan vs. Cassie Del Isla

Topless Ring Wrestling/Slugging

20 Min – 490 MB – High Definition

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Cassie Del Isla is on the phone looking for a competitive match when Erika Jordan enters and demands the match, and to promote her dictate she strips and soon Cassie takes the challenge and is also topless.  Next we find both ladies in the ring ready for their battle but not before they spray them selves till they glisten.  They meet in the center for a very sexy test of strength, up high the hands as nipples rub together, then they stretch out their lean amazing bodies – such a beautiful sight.  Soon we are going between killer holds and body shaking punches where each babe gets her foe in the corner and works over that hard abb or throws smacks to a pretty face.  But there is always time to refresh with some water all over their amazing bodies.  Finally one corners the other and blasts away till we have a super sexy crawl then more blows has one splayed on the canvas while the victor strips her naked and again soaks her sexy body.  Two of the sexiest, wildest babes going at it with fists and holds and sooooo sensuous !!!!!!


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