Jesse vs. Cassie

Nude Ring Catfight Wrestling Match

20 Min –47 5 MB – High Definition

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How does DT do it, how does DT find these fabulous new girls – don’t know how but so glad they do.  Jesse Pony, a cute little blonde with a sexy figure and such a spunky personality.  So who can go up against this little spitfire, non other than the super popular Cassie Del Isla and she loves the thought of schooling this newbie but she wasn’t ready for the energy of this blonde beauty.  Both babes go a little crazy as they rip the bikinis of each other in the first few minutes – nude is they way they both love to fight and it just increases their energy.  Each takes a turn on top and we get a good look at both amazing asses, this newbie knows her stuff, with chokes, arm bars and so much sexual fun.  Both ladies go hard after vulnerable pussies with pinches and slaps – then after butts with spanks and bites.  Cassie asks who the hell this new wild girl is and how does she keep going.  Wild naked beauties going crazy on each other, what could be better and just who does this Jesse Pony think she is —— I’ll tell you who she is, she’s another fabulous lady in the DT lineup and YOU WILL LOVE HER !!!!!!


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