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Time: 20 min

Two super wild young ones: Raven Rockette and Serena Blair, both of these spunky brunettes have become real fan favorites. So when they set their rules of whoever wins a fall the other girl gets free time with her body, well I for one was very pleased, that way we get a great fight followed by some sensual fun. Serena strikes first with a choke that takes the Rocket down where Serena wraps her legs around her foe, takes her top down and goes after those amazing breasts, Serena is transfixed by the fun she is having but back to business, head scissors then face sit and she really sits even rocks and sways on the brunette’s gorgeous face… she wins the first fall and with her free time she elects to have even more fun with those breasts she fell in love with; slaps, strokes and bounces the glorious flesh as she dips her fingers into Raven’s mouth. Locked in a savage test of strength starts the next fall, now Raven takes over with Serena bent over between her legs while she returns the favor and attacks Serena’s breasts, we get a great view from underneath as she she bats those little titties about. She also returns the favor on that rubbing face sit, she sexually rubs her butt across Serena’s sweet face… now it’s her turn for free time and she also decides to go after the breasts as she puts Serena on her knees and has her way with those natural fun breasts and also adds in some great fish hooks. More falls to come and each is now focused on the breasts and face sits, but first the fighting… love it so, great fighting followed by sensual fun !!!!!!


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