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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Kendra James is back and raring to go, she is in the office lounge drinking wine with Kimberly Jane, right away they talk about how aggressive they both were on their last project. Both look so lady like in their office attire, even if Kym’s skirt is awfully short, soon the talk of their competitive nature pushes them to new levels and before you know it they challenge each other to a real fight tomorrow in the ring. Next we find them in the ring where Kendra wonders if they really want to so this and Kym is still looking for a fight. Once they take off their tops they find they are attracted to each other and this multiplies when they bring out the oil especially when they spread it by rubbing their luscious breasts together. Finally we are ready for the fight and after a sustained test of strength Kym is on top and smashing her breasts hard into the red head as she secures a pin. That was way to easy, Kendra wants another round and Kym is eager to please, but this next round finds Kym on the hurting end of a surprise fist attack, yes Kendra wants a bare knocks brawl and she smacks Kym all around the ring hitting her with savage head shots, then battering the hell out of her sweet breasts causing them to fling wildly, then the gut blows and even a whole slew of kidney strikes. Finally Kym comes back with many of these same blows causing Kendra’s tits and head to twist with each blow, but who can sustain this onslaught of wallops – both these sexy babes throw looping hard shots that connect like bombs. So get ready for everything, they even get sexy in the end – full of added oil and water to keep their bodies glistening for an amazing match full of everything !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Is this the best trash talking girl ever, Sasha Heart will kill you with her words – when she talks about her trailer park, construction working family and how her mother will kick the shit out of Serena Blair’s mom but we all know just how tough little Serena is even in her frilly bottoms and no top. Yes Serena gets the upper hand with some slugs and clotheslines and proceeds to show her experience with a series of sustained holds; scissors, bow and arrow, arm bar, and figure four leg lock. Sasha’s sleek topless body is stretched and squeezed to the max but this blonde is also a toughie and when she summons her gumption she shows our petit beauty that she can do all the same holds and make them even more painful – so which of these gorgeous young beauties can give it and take it the best – you will find out but not before you hear lots of great chatter and some amazing holds on amazing bodies, they talk as their legs squeeze guts, they talk as their backs are bing stretched and they are still musing when their legs are near breaking – get ready because the listening is almost as good as the looking with these two gorgeous sexy young beauties !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Akira Lane is looking fierce and beautiful in her silk kimono. She is introduced and walks to the center of the ring. With a flick of her wrist, her kimono falls to the floor revealing Akira’s topless form. Next, Darcie Dolce is called to the center of the ring. Smiling, she also removes her robe. Darcie is wearing nothing except a tiny thong bikini. Her large natural breasts stand to attention for the camera. She massages her breasts as the bell rings and Akira sneaks up behind her. With a hard punch to the back of the head, Akira rings Darcie’s bell. Darcie drops to the mat. Akira begins punching and squeezing Darcie’s prized possessions, her breasts. A giant bear hug squashes both fighter’s tits together and leaves Darcie passed out in the center of the ring. Akira leaves the ring with the haughty look of a winner. Months later, Akira is lounging around her apartment when Darcie surprise attacks Akira with a sleeper hold. Darcie then ties the hands of her passed out opponent. What follows is sheer revenge for a one sided loss. Darcie milks every minute of retaliation. You are going to love watching Darcie press Akira’s big boobs against the glass of a coffee table. Buckle up for one hell of a big breasted ride.


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