Olivia Austiin vs. Misty Stone


Time/Size: 30 min / 730 MB

Wow, this one may be too hot to handle, two super tough beauties getting violent right to the end. Misty Stone and Olivia Austin are at a party together and both end up in a side room with their amazing party dresses on. They don’t like each other which is soon apparent as they disparage each others body, this turns physical finding them on the floor causing the host to tell them to take it to the ring. They are eager to finish this battle as in the ring we find them, they take off their party dresses and heels – topless and angry they attack and we are treated to one amazing match where both girls take tuns in control. Savagely they attack breasts in every possible way, Misty seems to have the edge here as she just loves sinking her fingers deep into Olivia’s large supple mounds of chest flesh, and the blonde just loves giving Misty some super wedgies pulling that strap up her amazing ass, then to the front to torture her pussy. Eventually they rip the bottoms off and get even wilder when nude, their beautiful bodies collide because these are two furious fighters and neither is giving in !!!!!

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