ALC, American Loves Catfighting. The Judges Battle


Ariel X vs. Cassie del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1703HD/Time: 32 Minutes / 772 MB

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Fight for your man, that’s what it comes down to with these babes; Cassie Del Isla and Ariel X, two gorgeous ladies and one man — is he worth it, probably not but they have a dislike for each other and this cheating man is just a damn good reason for ultimate destruction. Cassie finds Ariel in the bedroom with her man and once the man leaves they decide to have it out for good. They go wild cat on each other, on the bed they fly as each takes her turn on top and smacking down – with some great POV views as blows rain down and this is only the beginning. The battle rages from the bed to the floor then to the walls where they inflict ultimate pain with choking, wedgies, blows and scratches to all parts of the body – yes all parts of these fabulous bodies are subject to ruination. Their faces are scratched and bitten, scratches and blows to breasts and bellies also bites and scrapes to the sacred pussies. Yes they even draw blood but they won’t quit – no this is going all the way – either all their hair gets pulled out or one can no longer battle – It’s and all out war !!!!!!