ALC, American Loves Catfighting. The Judges Battle Pt. 2


Ariel X vs. Cassie Del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1709HD/Time: 23 Minutes / 559 MB

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Ariel X and Cassie Del Isla are continuing their bloody battle from 1703 – they are fighting for a man and neither will give an inch. We start where last we left off with Cassie spewing hatred as she lords over Ariel who is splayed out on the bed – ready to finish the battle Cassie sends her amazing body on Ariel but a surprise awaits her, this battle has a long ways to go. They both may be severely bruised and bloody but each musters up her energy as the battle continues. A weapon – that’s what’s needed to end this, they both grab the chair to slam for an end, back and forth they tussle till one overpowers and then another surprise awaits her – the battle continues. Breasts, pussies and full body attacks have these ladies exhausted but they will not quit. The battering leads to a final face off on the bed, both beauties on their knees – they stare then thrust hands to pussies as the other hand gropes breasts and face, on and on they struggle until finally one can take no more — what a fight !!!!!!