Akira Lane vs Puma



HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless mixed match domination

MM-041 / Time: 21 Minutes / 495 MB


Two of our all time favorites: Puma and Akira Lane, we can never get enough of these two so when they get in the ring together it’s always a classic. Puma is his usual cocky self so when Akira shows her muscles and tells Puma she can take him – well that’s just too much for the big cat. They lock up and even though Akira shows her toughness Puma gets her in a choke hold then picks her high and drops her over his knee. This is just the beginning of a Puma style beatdown and in this one he incorporates extra corner and rope beatdowns with punches to the gut and crotch but not before he pulls her muscle shirt off and chokes her with it. On the top rope he throws her as he pounds her sweet flesh, he even makes her ride the top rope adding real pain to her sore pussy. Great holds that show off her sexy figure especially when he drapes her over the corner ropes then upside down in the corner and all the time using her feminine belly as his punching bag. She may be tough but as usual it’s a one-sided beatdown when the great Puma is involved. Another great Puma match made even better with the amazing Akira Lane – two favorites equals a classic !!!!!!