Akira Lane vs Puma



HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless mixed match domination

MM-041 / Time: 21 Minutes / 521 MB


Puma is back and with a vengeance – he is taking on another babe we haven’t seen for so long: Akira Lane. She is so mouthy he can’t wait to get to her but she surprises him with some quick gut shots – this only make the great Puma angry and he comes back to teach her a real lesson. In the corner he takes the Asian beauty for a real pounding, first her gut, then he puts her on the top rope so he can get some real leverage to both gut and pussy. He pulls her top up so he has access to her sweet breasts and they also get worked over. Over and over he pounds her, from one end of the ring to the other – even in holds he bangs on her sexy figure. How much can the poor girl take – she is one tough lady but Puma as usual is just too much !!!!!!