SPECIAL FANTASIES – Akira Lane vs Nicole Oring – NEW!


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Akira Lane vs Nicole Oring


Time: 33 Minutes/ 657 MB

So what if we have a match that combines both competitive and tickling, now that’s a special one so we need two ladies that have real grudges against each other and of course right away we come up with Nicole Oring vs. Akira Lane. these two ladies both love to fight and especially when it’s against each other, and just the thought of being able to tickle their rival till she screams in pain makes it all the more attractive, oh and let me just add that both these ladies are very sensitive to tickling – especially Nicole. Never will you see so much laughing in one match, but this is forced laughter that is derived from pain more than joy. This is the ultimate paradox: laughing in pain and it is so infectious you will not be able to bridle your laughter. They start out each fall on their knees and the goal is to get your foe in a hold where you can apply vicious tickling, enough to make her surrender – then it’s back to the knees for another fall. Great scissors and pins all to get your opponent in a position you can tickle her till she can take no more. This is one of the wildest competitive matches we have ever had, how can so much laughter lead to a submission – seems pain and joy are just a tickle away !!!!!!!

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